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JA Untitled TS35 1/1

JA Untitled TS35 1/1

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Description: Short sleeve t shirt featuring cutwork and printing

Original T-shirt: Unknown 

Sourced: Local vintage market

Details: A blue t shirt featuring JAWARA ALLEYNE printed on its chest, and JAWARA ALLEYNE's signiture skull motif slit into the garment over it. slits are also seen along the hips of the garment, and its back features a circular print with its inner circle removed and replaced with a black cotton insert, which is refastened using safety pins.

Size/Fit: S

Jawara Alleyne products are deconstructed and re-worked by hand through cutting, slashing and pinning techniques. Each piece is handcrafted giving the items an individual touch while leaving them with a raw and deconstructed feel in finish.   

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