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JA Untitled TS34 1/1

JA Untitled TS34 1/1

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Description: Short sleeve t shirt featuring cutwork, fastenings, bleaching and printing

Original T-shirt: Unknown

Sourced: Local vintage market

Details: A blue short sleeve t shirt which has had its centre front, right side and back. bleached and its sides horizontally slit across the front of the garment. A circular motif is printed in the middle of the garment, with its inner circle being cut out and replaced with a white cotton insert, and refastened using safety pins, which are also added along the garments waist hem. All in-house designs are printed using water based inks.

Size/Fit: S

Jawara Alleyne products are deconstructed and re-worked by hand through cutting, slashing and pinning techniques. Each piece is handcrafted giving the items an individual touch while leaving them with a raw and deconstructed feel in finish.   

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