A 360 Philosophy: Circularity, Sustainability and Conscious Design

Jawara Alleyne is a brand creating garments with a philosophy rooted in circularity, storytelling and craft as well as offering an alternative, sensual wardrobe for a new contemporary man. Through draping and re-working garments with a previous history, Jawara Alleyne creates exercising a one-off approach that makes each piece unique.

The brand’s primary societal challenge lies in building responsible consumption and production patterns through developing it’s own circular supply and production chain and reducing waste through design for disassembly. Our work additionally engages with cultural sustainability, gender equality and social engagement. 

The Circular Range is a range of sourced garments used to create collections. The garments are sourced from charity shops and wholesale warehouses. Using an approach to one-off’s that creates unique objects that takes items at the end of their life cycle and re-injects them into that supply chain.

The Drape-work Range employs a zero waste approach to pattern-cutting using squares and rectangles – both shapes being easy to cut from dead-stock while also leaving minimum waste. This range draws on the theories of draping found in Caribbean cultures where garment are made from large square fabrics through techniques such as wrapping and tying knots to create shapes around the body. It’s important that these cultural practices are preserved, but also re-contextualised respectfully in a modern and global context

A part of The Artisanal Range is made in collaboration with The Crochet Community Collective (CCC) which is a women’s empowerment and self-reliance initiative developed in 2019 by Syrian refugee-led humanitarian organization MAPs. CCC preserves traditional craft in a protracted crisis, leveraging creativity as a tool for restoring hope and dignity. The collaboration funds the livelihoods of Syrian and Lebanese artisans with remaining profits supporting MAPs’ refugee education program.

Through these ranges we take garments from the end of their life cycle and give them a new sense of value. Through our work with MAPs NGO and the CCC, we’re directly employing and investing into the development of traditional craft as well as helping Syrian refugees build a sustainable economy, tell their stories and preserve their craft.

On offer on our webshop you can access our Untitled Series. A series of one-off products made with a new artisanal approach to garment making where each item is individually deconstructed, re-draped and crafted as if each were a painting.