Personal Bio

Jawara Alleyne is an interdisciplinary artist, fashion designer and educator whose work and research is rooted in his identity growing up between Jamaica, The Cayman Islands and London.

Alleyne’s work questions modern masculinities and circularity and his design philosophy delicately contrasts concepts that might appear unrelated. This curation of narratives through the significance and importance of differences is the key element behind Alleyne’s ethos.

Through the delicate balancing of Caribbean mythologies such as the Rastafarian mysticism of Jamaica, the pirate folklore of the Cayman Islands contrasted with the Punk histories of London’s subculture, Alleyne weaves stories that meander through the present and the past often arriving at new futures and further setting those futures back in the present.

This seamless interlocking of stories and histories allows Alleyne to delve deeper into his research in Drape-work and Circularity arriving at hand crafted works that speaks to the need for more conscious and sustainable perspectives on design and business.

Alleyne graduated from a Masters in Design from Central Saint Martins in 2020 and is currently supported by Fashion East to present his collections at London Fashion Week. He holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Fashion Design and Marketing from London College of Fashion and has worked as a Stylist, Casting Agent, Sample Cutter, Studio Manager and a Lecturer at Central Saint Martins.

Brand Bio

Established in 2020 by designer and artist Jawara Alleyne, the brand took off under the confines of lockdown where the designer made use of the digital landscape to increase the presence of the brand. This led into being inducted into the Fashion East cohort in 2020 and their story began with a digital presentation in February 2021.

The brands history is steeped in the designer’s cultural back-ground hailing from Jamaica, The Cayman Islands and London. With that comes a rich knowledge of the art of draping, use of colors and the importance of storytelling within contemporary fashion conversation.

Rich in contrasts of Caribbean drape-work, Rastafarian mysticism, Pirate folklore, Cayman Island Corporate Culture and London’s Punk subculture, the brand is weaving a new story of fashion for the consumer of the future.

Jawara Alleyne proposes a new way of wearing clothes for the consumer of tomorrow.